Expertise Areas

Zoéga Coelho & Advogados offers legal consulting and litigation services in the fields of Law


  • Public bidding;
  • Administrative Litigation;
  • Administrative contracts;
  • Expropriations.

Civil Procedure

  • Civil Litigation;
  • Action before Higher Court.

Civil Responsibility

  • Preventive Advisory;
  • Litigation in compensatory actions.


  • Juridical planning of business and commercial contracts, including the sale and purchase of companies or commercial funds, commercial tenancy, shopping centers, factoring and franchising;
  • Recuperation of credit;
  • Disputes in commercial areas.

Computing and Intellectual Property

  • Assistance dealing with problems relating to software copyrights;
  • Elaboration and examination of software distribution, licensing and assignment contracts and also software rendering and maintenance services and similar;
  • Administrative and judicial contestation action related to information technology law;
  • Elaboration and examination of electronic contracts;
  • Domain protection and other issues related to the Internet;
  • Copyright contracts in general;
  • Protection of brands and patents.


  • Administrative and Judicial Litigation;
  • Assistance in the elaboration of operating manuals;
  • Drawing up of contracts;
  • Advice in the preparation of publicity material;
  • Representation with PROCONs (Consumer Protection Entities) and the Public Ministry.


  • Adaptation of partnership arrangements to the demands of the 2002 civil code;
  • Assistance in the buying and selling of partnership shares;
  • Juridical auditing and partnership reorganization;
  • Secessions, mergers and incorporations;
  • Constitution of joint stock companies, limited companies and others foreseen in the civil code, consortiums, partnerships, associations and foundations, including those with the obtainment of the OSCIP certificate - Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (third sector);
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies, including the cases of partnership division following the dissolution of marriages or stable unions;
  • Elaboration and alteration of company contracts and shareholder agreements (limited companies), statutes and shareholder agreements (joint stock companies), minutes and other company documents;
  • Planning and structuring of transactions and business practices;
  • Succession planning for the preservation and perpetuation of family patrimony related to business practices;
  • Solution of disputes or disagreements between partners;
  • Proposal and follow-up of judicial demands regarding the above mentioned questions and others related to them (such as inspection of accounts, company dissolution, execution of agreements with stockholders, shareholders, etc.).


  • Assistance in dealing with environmental control entities for the obtainment and regularization of licenses and permits;
  • Administrative contestation (with Environmental Entities and Public Ministry);
  • Judicial contestation;
  • Orientation for the prevention of environmental petitions.

Family and Probate

  • National and international adoption;
  • Judicial separations and divorces;
  • Inventories and estate listing;
  • Wills.


  • Acquisition of partnership shares;
  • Assistance in international bidding;
  • Authorization for foreign labor;
  • Constitution of companies;
  • Obtainment of registers and authorizations for activity in the country;
  • Obtainment of temporary and permanent work visas;
  • Real estate operations;
  • Protection of foreign brands and patents in Brazil.

Foreign Capital

  • Registration in the Central Bank of direct foreign investments in the country;
  • Conversion of credits into investments;
  • Remittance of profits;
  • Repatriation of capital;
  • Assistance with the Central Bank of Brazil.


  • Preventive juridical assistance for human resources departments in companies to ensure the full and correct implementation of work-related routines to the legislation in force, including Ministry of Labor Statutory Rules regarding safety and medicine in the workplace for the improvement of the quality of the environment of the workplace in the prevention of accidents;
  • Action in collective negotiations;
  • Work-related audit to ascertain the contingency in the buying and selling, incorporation or merger operations of companies (due diligence);
  • Administrative litigation in face of the Regional Labor Superintendency and Labor Public Prosecution Service;
  • Labor Litigation.

Real Estate

  • Judicial and extrajudicial advice and assistance;
  • Analysis of real estate documentation;
  • Acquisition of real estate by foreigners;
  • Elaboration of contracts and public deed minutes;
  • Planning and register of incorporations, condominiums and subdivision of land lots, shopping centers and flats;
  • Mortgage and its cancellation;
  • Real Estate Litigation;
  • Actions related to lease agreement;
  • Direct and Indirect Expropriation;
  • Petitory Action and Possessory;
  • Rectification of real estate area register;
  • Adverse possession;
  • Usufruct Institutions.

Sports, Culture and Entertainment

  • Assistance for publicity companies, promotions and events, parks, sports clubs and show establishments;
  • Assistance for the obtainment of licenses for the distribution of prizes (raffles or competitions);
  • Advice for sport material;
  • Preparation of artistic and sponsorship agreements.


  • Follow-up of administrative and judicial contestation relating to federal, state and municipal taxes.